Ken Heinz

Educator | Weeping Water, Nebraska

About Ken Heinz

Ken Heinz spent a total of 35 years working in education. He taught for seven years, was a principal for five years, and then was superintendent for 23 years. For his undergraduate degree he majored in Music Education and Vocal Music Performance at Nebraska Wesleyan. He got his Master’s degree in Educational Administration at Kansas State University and his doctorate from University of Nebraska at Omaha and Lincoln both through a joint program.

Now that Ken has retired, he continues to direct a men’s choir and has become involved in more activities with his church.

The strategy that has helped me the most has been empowering people, involving them and making them part of things. Even if they don’t agree with what you’re thinking or what direction you’re headed, if they feel they are a part of it, they are going to try to make it work.

The arts and learning sector has always needed grants and financial support long before COVID-19 struck. So, it’s easy to imagine how challenging it is for artists, creative professionals, and educators everywhere now that the pandemic has shut down most venues. The art and education fields in particular have to grapple with new working conditions in these difficult times.

It is fair to say that music is more ubiquitous these days than it has ever been before. With music playing on smartphones, tablets, and laptops, people have access to an endless supply of melodious tunes around the clock. But that is not the only source of music education for children or people of all ages.